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Frequently Asked Questions about Scalp Micro Pigmentation

What is Scalp Micro Pigmentation?

Scalp micro pigmentation is a semi permanent hair loss solution in which natural pigments are applied to the scalp in order to replicate the look of natural hair follicles or strands.

How much will it cost?

The cost will be determined after your initial consultation and is based on the extent of the hair loss and how many treatments will be required. The cost is generally $2000-$4500.

How long does the treatment take?

The first treatment will typically take 3-5 hours and a second or third treatment will typically take 2-3 hours.

Can Scalp Micro Pigmentation hide scars?

Yes. It will hide any scarring by blending the scar in with the hair that surrounds it.

Will the results look natural?

The results from Scalp Micro Pigmentation are incredibly natural looking and look very realistic. Your family and friends would never even know that you received treatment.

How will I look after receiving treatment?

You will most likely experience some redness for up to 10 hours after receiving treatment. The pigment that is used will be darker at first, but will get a little lighter within the first two weeks.

Do the Scalp Micro Pigmentation dots look real?

Most of our patients have said that even their closest family members could not tell the difference between their real hair and the treatment areas. The dots are placed as closely together as possible and the difference between the real scalp hair diameters and the dots is almost undetectable.

How long will it take for my final appearance to form?

For most clients, two treatments will be necessary in order to reach the final look. The first treatment will usually involve a very light application on the scalp in order to assess the fading and density levels. The next treatment will add in most of the density to your new appearance and complete your new look.

Is Scalp Micro Pigmentation reversible?

Yes. The pigments that are used for this procedure can be removed with a laser that will heat and break up the pigment. This is easier to reverse than a standard tattoo since the pigment is not placed as deeply into the skin.

How long after treatment will I see some fading?

Most of the fading you will experience will happen after the darker pigment filled scabs flake away from your scalp. This will generally occur in the first three to ten days. Any extra pigment that was trapped in the epidermis will slowly fade away in the first three to four weeks and about one month after treatment, you will most likely not experience any further fading.

Will I need a touch up and if so, when will that need to take place?

Every person is different, so it is hard to give a definitive answer to this question. For most healthy patients who wear sunscreen and have a normal and active lifestyle, they can expect to get a touch up about once every three to five years.

How can I protect my Scalp Micro Pigmentation investment?

You should make sure to closely follow your aftercare instructions from the first ten days after treatment, and up to thirty days. It is important to wear sunscreen with an SPF of 30 to 50 when you are outside with an uncovered head. You can go swimming, but you should refrain for the first month after treatment.

Are there restrictions in the first three days after a treatment?

You will want to take it easy for the first three days after treatment. You should not do any physical activity and should not get your hair wet or wash it. It is fine to walk around your house or go about your daily tasks at the office.

How long before I can first shave my head after a treatment?

You can shave your head on the fourth day after treatment by using an electric foil shaver. You will want to be careful that you do not run it over the top of any scabs that have not yet flaked off.

When can I first get water on my head without shampoo?

48 hours

When can I have a regular shower and shampoo my hair?

48 hours

When can I first exercise where I would lightly sweat?

You can lightly sweat four days after treatment.

When can I first exercise where I would heavily sweat?

You can lightly sweat ten days after treatment.

When can I go back to weight lifting after treatment?

If you do not work up too much of a sweat, you can lift weights four days after treatment.

When can I do cardio after treatment?

Ten days after treatment you can do cardio.

Does this procedure hurt?

It does not hurt as much as having a hair transplant and also does not hurt as much as getting a normal tattoo. The pain level will vary for each person, but most patients say that the experience is not very painful.

Will any pain subside once the treatment is completed?

Yes. As soon as treatment is finished and the needle is removed, any minor pain you may have experienced will go away. After you are finished, you will most likely not feel any pain at all.

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